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A simple lightweight unit and currency converter for iPhone and iPad. Translates hundreds of physical units and dimensions quickly and easily. The currency converter features daily updated exchange rates for over 130 countries.

A total of 373 units in 16 differency physical categories: ✓ Length ✓ Weight ✓ Temperature ✓ Speed ✓ Energy ✓ Angle ✓ Pressure ✓ Time ✓ Volume ✓ Area ✓ Power ✓ Data ✓ Torque ✓ Radioactivity ✓ Fuel consumption ✓ ForceSeel all units


Includes a full featured calculator.

Universal App

Optimized both for iPhone and iPad (Portrait & Landscape)

Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rates for more than 130 countries. Daily updated rates.


Chart for historical exchange rates. Choose from monthly, quarterly and yearly chart.


Drag & Drop your favorite units to the tabbar. Select your favorite currencies. Choose between scientific and normal number format.
We regurarly updates our apps. Feel free to send us wishes and suggestions for future updates.Changelog

Clean User Interface

Intuitive and clear user interface. Available in English, German, French and Spain. Completely Ad free.
More units arriving soon! Then stay tuned for upcoming releases!


Die kostenpflichtige iOS-App “iConvert” rechnet Ihnen auf Ihrem iPhone, iPod und iPad sämtliche Einheiten und Währungskurse um. Dabei überzeugt das Tool mit einer sehr guten Statistik, wie sich die Kurse entwickelt haben. Die Einheiten-Datenbank ist sehr gut strukturiert; somit finden Sie schnell, wonach Sie suchen. > Learn More
Redactor, http://beste-apps.chip.de
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iConvert To – Measurement Unit Converter is a simple lightweight unit converter for iPhone. With a simple user interface, the app converts all common physical units and dimensions quickly and easily… > Learn More
Redactor, http://www.app-score.com
Handy and reliable – Short and sweet, this is a good app. Like it!
Michael Yu, Satisfied User
Best conversion app available – Awesome variety of conversion units, always being improved for free by the developers. Includes even Kips-force, the only one app that have included it so far.Only improvement that I see is to incorporate a simple calculator to add and subtract the values on screen. Other than that is already perfect. Best conversion app.
Hydrographic Surveyor, Satisfied User